death weeb hamtaro1

(Verse 1) In the shadowed cradle of the twilight zone, Where the sun and moon in a blood dance, disowned, Lies a beast in fur, a hamster called Hamtaro, Eyes gleaming red, in the night’s ghastly glow.

Whiskers twitch with the scent of doom, Tiny paws bring forth unending gloom, Fangs drip crimson, from battles unseen, A cute visage masking a killing machine.

(Pre-Chorus) He’s rolling in, the Reaper in wheel, DEATH WEEB’s anthem, Hamtaro’s brutal zeal, Hear the squeak that foretells your end, A cuddly nightmare, reality can’t bend.

(Chorus) Hamtaro! Hamtaro! Ripping through the silence of the night, Hamtaro! Hamtaro! In the innocent, the darkness finds its might.

(Verse 2) Sailor scouts cry out beneath the crescent moon, Luna’s whispers warn of impending doom. Hamtaro’s rage, a fierce torrent unleashed, No mercy for the good, not even for the least.

From the silver crystal, a power so bold, Against Hamtaro’s wrath, it seems so cold. Sailor Moon stands, in the cosmic ballet, But tonight, it’s the darkness that will sway.

(Bridge) Death Weeb, scream the chorus, let it rip, Mosh pit swirling, reality’s grip slips, Anime icons in a death metal twist, The pit’s alive with the anime list.

(Chorus) Hamtaro! Hamtaro! A fluffy harbinger of your demise, Hamtaro! Hamtaro! Behind each sparkle, the shadow lies.

(Breakdown) In the heart of darkness, a spark of light fights, Sailor Moon’s tears fall, like stars crashing in fright, But the weeb of death knows no bound, Hamtaro’s might, in metal sound.

(Outro) So bow down to the might of the death weeb creed, A hamster’s hunger, an insatiable need. Under moonlit skies, the chaos unfurls, Hamtaro’s world, a vortex that swirls.

(End) Hamtaro! Hamtaro! Whisper his name, and the brave will shiver, Hamtaro! Hamtaro! His legend, a brutal river.

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