Watch with us, ride the neon dream. Lyrics.

(Verse 1) In the glow of the screen, we gather tight, A sacred ritual in the dead of night. Screams and whispers, the scenes unfurl, In the den of the otaku, the banners whirl. The subs fly fast, a visual feast, On blood and honor, our eyes do feast. One among us, the outsider stands, […]


(Verse 1) In the shadowed cradle of the twilight zone, Where the sun and moon in a blood dance, disowned, Lies a beast in fur, a hamster called Hamtaro, Eyes gleaming red, in the night’s ghastly glow. Whiskers twitch with the scent of doom, Tiny paws bring forth unending gloom, Fangs drip crimson, from battles […]

The Lens of Chaos

In the heart of Tokyo, amidst the bustling streets and neon lights, a photographer named Kenji found himself witnessing an extraordinary event – a colossal Shiba Inu Kaiju was rampaging through the city. The creature, towering like a skyscraper, bore the distinct, adorable features of a Shiba Inu, but on an unimaginable scale. Kenji, known […]

The Shiba Inu Video Rental Experience.

In the heart of a bustling Tokyo neighborhood, tucked between neon-lit stores and karaoke bars, there lies a peculiar relic from the 90s: Shina Inu Video Rental. This isn’t your typical video store; it’s a niche haven for lovers of a very specific genre – Shiba Inu kaiju monster movies. The shop, with its dim […]